Increasing sales for Clothing Brand

By 2020, online businesses have been doing well but it also has called for competition in the market. We took up the challenge to increase the sales for some clothing brands.


What we achieved?


– Increased traffic on the website.

– Increased sales.

– Generated new leads through SEO.

– Generated new leads through Google Ad campaigns.

– Improved Google ranking.



How we achieved all this?


Thorough and extensive competitor analysis is always our first step for such business models. After a detailed SWOT analysis, we put all our efforts into searching and identifying the keywords that can work. The keywords are not only used in the landing pages, but also in the product descriptions.

The detailed SEO is performed to improve the ranking of the website and a continuous and ever-growing flow of users on the website. Several third-party tools are used in combination with our tools to achieve desired results.


Steps that ensure Sustainable Growth:


– The research and analysis is an ongoing process.

– With the addition of new products and new categories, new keywords are introduced.

– The goal is to keep achieving the target of sales.


Visible Impact


We have increased the sales of such sites by 10 folds through all our exclusively designed strategies. Organic and inorganic lead generation always keeps spiking.