Increasing Traffic for K2 Heating and Air Conditioning

Throughout the year 2020, we increased the traffic to the website of by 200%. This not only supported us to get a lot of engagement and queries on the website but a great deal of business for us as well. It took extensive SEO research and strategic remodeling to achieve the goal.


What we achieved:


–  200%+ Traffic increase on the Website.

– Earning through AdSense.

– More Queries.

– Excellent ranking on Google.

– New Leads and more business.


How we achieved all this?


We used our examined and tested methodologies to find the right combinations of steps and implemented them on the website. This was applied after a thorough examination, research, and analysis of thousands of keywords.

The best keywords were then shortlisted and analyzed for search volumes, impressions, clicks, and CTR on a category basis to help us allow prioritize our efforts to achieve maximum ROI.

When we achieved our top 5 keywords based on the most suitable categories, we combined our tools and third-party tools to identify keyword gaps, content clusters, and question content opportunities.


Following were our Further Steps:


– Optimization of content for the main keyword groups.

– New categories and subcategories were created.

– FAQ content.

– Hyperlinking internal links.

– Creating landing pages as per suitable keyword topics.


Visible Impact


All the hard work put in the right direction got noticed pretty quickly and the results it brought speaks of successful planning and execution.