Vibez365 – Establishing an Online Magazine

With so much online content to read, the goal of this website is to create interesting content and a user-friendly experience. Throughout 2021, the goal of the business was to establish an online magazine like never before in terms of content and visual representation. Another main objective was to get about 500,000 visitors to the website.



What we achieved?


– Getting traffic on the website.

– An attractive logo and branding concept.

– SEO optimized content.

– Earning through AdSense.

– Earning through second-party Ads.

– Subscriptions to new blogs.


How we achieved all this?


We put in a lot of research and analysis on top trending topics which the users find interesting to read. After researching thousands of topics we picked a few main categories and started our next phases of research.

Upon selection of main categories, we researched the best keywords that can be used for the optimization of the website. Now a list of subcategories was added to ensure more landing pages and enabling enhanced SEO on the website.

The traffic on the website is increased through multiple means, like Social Media Ads, Google Ads, and all the organic SEO work done to improve the ranking of the website on Google.


Following are our Further Steps:


– Kept increasing content.

– Kept improvising SEO.

– Increased traffic on the website.

– Increased income through AdSense.


Visible Impact


Our success is when we are appreciated for our expertise and hard work by people other than the clients. This website is one of the most-read sites and the content user experience is appreciated by anyone who reads through vibez365.