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    What we will do?

    Data Mapping is a very important feature that needs to be handled very carefully. If this part of your business is handled poorly, then it will result in poor data quality. The target database can be in a variety of formats depending on the user. Typically certain templates are used to match fields when transferring data from one database to another. We will help you in creating a proper data mapping process so that there were be minimal to no faults and errors.


    About Data Mapping

    Data Mapping can be very complex when being integrated. The data being mapped can be dominating. The data structure, sources, and targets also vary from database to database. There are many platforms to securely store your data, however, transferring and moving your data is not as easy as it sounds. Any sort of inconvenience can lead to data loss which is not feasible.


    Data Mapping Techniques

    Data Mapping can be done through various techniques. One way to go about with it is to manually map data sources where computer science professionals tend to hand-code the target data without the help of any sort of software, platform, or tool. Another way to map your data would be a semi-automated strategy where a software creates a connection between certain sources and the target database. Once that is done, the computer science professional double-checks the connection and makes adjustments if needed. The third and most efficient way to map your data would be to use a fully automated data mapping tool. This is a very convenient process where no coding is necessary. Only a fully automated data mapping software is needed which can be used by a rookie as well.

    About Data Research

    Data research is when you have to collect or generate information. This typically is done to validate existing unique research findings. These findings can be both digital and manual as well. We will help you in generating the most unique and relevant information that you may need in terms of research.


    About Data Scraping

    Not only that, but our team will help in Data Scraping as well. We can extract information from any sort of platform and program. That extraction will be sourced and stored on a spreadsheet. Not only does this save time, but it is also the most authentic and efficient way to collect data from different programs without the fear of losing any data.


    Our team at K2 Digital Solutions is full of professionals who have experience in handling all sorts of Data Mapping very carefully. You don’t need to stress over the extra pile of work anymore, we are here to make your tasks ours with efficient and convenient solutions.