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    Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistant | Chat Support | Email Support | Appointment Handling


    What we will do?

    K2 Digital Solution offers the most professional and committed Virtual Assistant Services to help your business flourish. Growing a business brings many tasks to your table. Prioritizing your work can be difficult but not for a Virtual Assistant. Let us take over the routine tasks that are distracting you from growing your business.


    Chat Support

    Having chat support on your website gives a professional look to your company. With visitors continuously coming and going from your website, you may be missing out on potential clients. Let us help you fix that! Your very own Virtual Assistant will not only cater to your visitors online, but they’ll collect leads as well.


    Email Support

    As a business grows, so does its inbox! Going through every email can be very time-consuming. However, you wouldn’t want to miss out on important emails. Our team can help you by managing it for you. Clients tend to dislike delayed replies, instant replies show how proficient your business is. We’ll be sorting out important emails along with responding to your clients.


    Appointment Handling

    With loads of emails and messages coming your way, it can be difficult to filter them out. Some businesses reach a large number of appointments which can be hard to handle. The fear of jumbling the appointments can be very intimidating. Our team at K2 Digital Solution is, however, a pack of professionals. With our services, your business will not only run smoothly but the data and information will be filtered and organized.

    Social Media Management

    About 3.7 billion people worldwide use social media these days. If you want to make your business reach a great number of people then your social media profiles always need to be active. It’s important to post at least two or three times a day to keep your audience engaged. Worried you won’t be able to manage that? That’s why you have us! Our team at K2 Digital Solutions is all about determination and quality work. With the help of our professional Virtual Assistants, your social media profile will be standing out.


    Database and Spreadsheet Update

    The more your business grows, the more data you begin to receive in your company. Managing that can be difficult due to the constant information coming in. The information is usually put into a spreadsheet format as well which is also time-consuming to fill out. With our team by your side, you don’t need to worry about being engaged with so much work. Our job is to make your work easier and to help your business grow further.