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    Web Development

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    Web Development

    A good website isn’t only about the “About Us” or “Contact” page. Those pages of a website certainly matter but there’s a lot more which you need to think about before you can make something that is targeted to your specific audience or niche. K2 Digital Solution can provide you with the top website development and design services catered to your specific needs. This will help you to not only fulfil your business’ primary agenda, but it will appeal to your audience and they’ll want to do more business with you.

    Web Development

    Expand your business outreach by making use of our web development services. We help you to improve your CX (customer experience) as well as customer journey by providing web development services using modern frameworks such as Angular JS, React JS, ASAP.NET, PHP, Zend and many more. Our highly experienced team of website designers have vast knowledge and experience in constructing cross-browser compatible and responsive websites.

    Web Development Service Boston


    It is the most popular e-Commerce CMS on the marketplace – it has got a lot of out-of-the-box functionality, it is straightforward for you to manage in the backend and well-supported for integration with mobile Apps.

    Web Development Service Boston


    It is a quite popular and user-friendly CMS with a lot of out-of-the-box functionality that makes building and managing an online shop is extremely easy.

    Web Development Service Boston


    It is probably the most comprehensive CMS which offers tons of functionality that makes it a popular choice for large shops. Its predecessor, Magento 1, has reached its end of life, so if you’re looking for support to migrate to a new CMS then we can help you with it as well.

    Our Website Development Services

    Custom Web Development


    We’ll start from scratch for a website that caters to your specific needs. This will increase your odds of diving into your targeted audience and beyond. With a customized user experience, you will be bound for success.


    E-Commerce Development


    A personalized shopping experience for your customers will allow you to not only make sales, but also win hearts with interactive designs and a smooth flow. With e-commerce websites, it’s all about the shopping experience. Lucky for you, K2 Digital Solution has an abundant amount of experience when it comes to developing e-commerce websites.


    Enterprise Web Development


    We’re all about efficiency. We believe that enterprise efficiency is really important when you’re running a business. K2 Digital Solution keeps this in mind and creates interactive, fluid and easy-to-use enterprise websites.


    Web Development Cycle


    Business automation is really important for any business in today’s world. This relies on integrating state-of-the-art technology to automate tasks by replacing laborforce. As a result of this you get efficient business processes and reduction of costs. It is key for any forward thinking business to consider automation as a useful tool.


    Step 1: Discovery


    This is all about research. Our team will research on your particular market and competitors for you and help you make the perfect decision to go forward with.


    Step 2: Analysis


    We’ll analyze the data recovered from our initial research and plan out the production of your website. Analyzing every step of the development is crucial. From the user experience all the way to pictures on your website.


    Step 3: Setting a deadline


    This makes us work efficiently. With a deadline in mind and budget instructed to you, we will get to work on your website.


    Step 4: Designing


    According to a survey conducted by K2 Digital Solution, we discovered that 67% of the customers cared more about design that anything else. That fact alone makes you understand how important this step will be for us. Our designers work together to bring forth the various mockups until we meet your expectations.


    Step 5: Development


    The most important stage of the whole project to be honest. We construct every idea finalised with you keeping in mind your business model.


    Step 6: Testing


    Did we mention our QA team? Our QA engineers perform in-depth testing of the project upon initial delivery to make sure everything works smoothly.


    Step 7: Delivery


    The big reveal! This is the final stage of the website development project. We give you the relaxation to test your website for 2 weeks to make sure everything is according to your preference.